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Irontech 165cm Love Doll

Skinny European TPE Sex Doll

Meet Camille, a beautiful redhead with stunning eyes and a highly realistic body.

Camille is a rich and spoiled girl that when she learned that her good looks and sexy body could make people do anything she wanted, she make sure to use it to her advantage.

She is used to getting what she wants when she wants so if you like your woman with a strong personality while rocking a sexy body with natural tits and perky ass, Camille is the one for you.

You just have to make sure you give her what she wants, otherwise, you may just have to teach that ass a lesson.

Doll measurements:


Breast line: 76cm


Waistline: 62cm

Hip line:88cm

Shoulder width: 36cm

Thighline: 45.5cm

Calfline: 29cm

Arm Length:67cm

Leg Length:87cm

Feet Size: 23cm


Irontech models offer oral, automatic clamping & suction, and electric hip & waist features.

Available for these sizes:

TPE Models: 158cm, 159cm, 161cm, 163cm, 163P, 164cm, 165cm, 167cm, 168cm, 170cm, 175cm

Silicone Models: 158cm, 160cm, 163cm, 164cm, 168cm

For more information on how to add these features to your purchase, please feel free to contact us.

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