Get to Know Irontech's New Robot Sex Dolls!

Get to Know Irontech's New Robot Sex Dolls!

Introducing a game-changer in companionship: Robot Sex Dolls. These aren't your average sex dolls; they're complete with features that will truly astound you. From built-in heaters that offer a realistic sense of warmth to touch-responsive sensors, these dolls are designed to provide not just physical, but also emotional comfort.


Electric Hip and Waist Function

Important Usage Guidelines:

  • To ensure safety, keep the electrical plug dry during cleaning. We recommend covering the plug with a waterproof material.
  • Follow standardized procedures while using the doll to prevent any injuries due to its weight.
  • To deactivate the doll's functionalities, make sure to unplug it after use.
  • Before engaging any robotic features, secure the doll in a stable position to prevent accidental tipping during frequent use.

Oral Function

Operating Instructions:

Power Up: Turn on the robot using the (B) Button on the remote control.

Customization: Use the remote control to adjust the robot to your desired settings.



(A) Button: Speed Up;

(B) Button: Power On/Off;

(C) Button: Slow Down;

(D) Button: Cycle through speeds (alternates between fast and slow)

Speed Control: Use the (A) and (C) buttons to adjust speed and frequency. Press (A) to increase speed and (C) to decrease it.


    Important Precautions:

    Plug Safety: To prevent damage, cover the plug with waterproof material when cleaning the doll.

    Standard Operation: Follow the instructions closely to avoid any injury from the weight of the doll.

    Power Off: After use, press the (B) Button to turn off the robot, and unplug it to save energy.

    Stability: Ensure the doll is in a stable position before activating any functions, to avoid tipping due to frequent use.


      Vagina Automatic Clamp and Suck

      Coupled with heating, vibrating, and realistic sound features, the vagina automatic clamp and suck feature delivers an experience you won't forget.

      It comes in two distinct versions: one with an internal device and another with an external one.


      External Device: Ideal for those who enjoy versatility, this option allows you to attach or detach the device at your convenience.


      Internal Device: This built-in feature offers a smooth, all-in-one experience for users who prefer an integrated approach.


      For optimal performance, please ensure the doll is fully charged using the included magnetic charging cable before use.


      Touch-Sensitive Moaning

      Elevate your experience with our advanced touch-sensitive moaning feature. The sex doll responds dynamically to your touch, adapting and adjusting in real-time to offer an interactive and realistic experience. 


      Easy to operate and customizable in numerous ways, Irontech's robot love dolls offer a next-level, immersive experience that you won't soon forget. So why settle for less when you can experience the future today? Upgrade your intimacy and explore uncharted territories of comfort and pleasure with these state-of-the-art robot sex dolls.

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