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Sexy Pinup Irontech Sex Doll

All-natural Plus Size TPE Love Doll

Sexy and sultry (yet typically leaving something to the imagination), pin-ups cause many of us to think of the time surrounding World War Two. But in reality, the pin-up even precedes World War One.

This 156cm is just stunning, super realistic, and with her exotic American beauty, she is simply impossible to resist. Generous curves and naturally shaped breasts make this doll one of the best affordable realistic love doll models.

Doll measurements:


Breast line: 95.5cm




Arm Length:63cm

Shoulder Width:36cm

Leg Length:86.5cm

Feet Length:21.5cm

Net Weight:48kg

Irontech models offer oral, automatic clamping & suction, and electric hip & waist features.

Available for these sizes:

TPE Models: 158cm, 159cm, 161cm, 163cm, 163P, 164cm, 165cm, 167cm, 168cm, 170cm, 175cm

Silicone Models: 158cm, 160cm, 163cm, 164cm, 168cm

For more information on how to add these features to your purchase, please feel free to contact us.

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