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Irontech 163cm Saya

Sexy K-pop Singer Sex Doll

Meet Saya, an up-and-coming K-pop singer that loves to show off her sexy moves.

While trying to have a career in the entertainment industry, Saya ran into problems because of the way she carries herself. Her sexy body, seductive eyes, and pure confidence just wasn't what they were looking for in a K-pop singer. She was lacking the innocent looks and cute personality, and even though she tried to act like it, her real personality always showed through.

Such a charismatic girl could never go unnoticed, so it didn't take long for someone to see the potential in her and she finally succeeded in getting what she always dreamed of, a career as a solo artist.

Now everyone wants a piece of what she has to offer, and with the way she can stare at you, you won't be able to help yourself from imagining what would be like to have her just for yourself.

Doll measurements:


Full Bust:86cm

Under Bust: 71cm

Waist: 62cm

Hips: 94cm

Weight: 36kg

Arm Length: 67cm

Shoulder Width: 35cm

Calf Circum: 31cm

Thigh Circum: 51cm

Leg Length: 88cm

Foot Length: 22.5cm

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