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WM Doll



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WM Doll 172cm B-cup #159 Head Sex Doll

Vamp Redhead 5'7 Love Doll

Rachelle is pure instinct and very feline. She loves to spend spent hours working out and described herself as "obsessed" with strong men and confident women.

Rachelle is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a full-body sex doll but without all the curves that WM Dolls brand used to be notorious for.

This tall, fit, proportional, and realistic sex doll is a wonderful example of how sex dolls have been evolving and how hot they can be when matched with the right outfit and hair. This sex doll literally comes to life once you give her some love.

Doll measurements:

Height: 172cm

Bust: 79cm

Waist: 58cm

Hips: 86cm

Weight: 39.5kg

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