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WM Doll



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WM Doll 172cm D-Cup Sex Doll

Sexy Fitness Model 5’7 Love Doll

You'd never know that Massy was once so depressed that she locked herself indoors for eight months. Exercise also kept her mind occupied with positive thoughts, all of which she religiously chronicles on her self-titled blog and Instagram feed. Well, this sounds especially true in the times of self-quarantine and work-from-home days. Better still, if you can get yourself a fitness partner like this amazing 5’7 WM Sex Doll, fitness training becomes fun, or in other words, all the fun is all the fitness you need.

Doll measurements:

Height: 172cm | 5'64 ft 

Full Bust: 89cm | 2'91 ft

Waist: 61cm | 2'00 ft

Hips: 88cm | 2.88 ft 

Weight: 38kg | 83.7 lbs.

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