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New 166cm Silicone Sex Doll

Hyper Realistic Latina Silicone Love Doll

Meet Celine, a young, bold and beautiful internet celebrity. She enjoys her lifestyle and fame but she does get lonely sometimes. Meet her in real life and find out what her true self is all about.

Doll Measurements:

Height: 164cm / 5'5”

Net weight: 39kg / 86lb

Bust: 81cm / 2'8”

Under Bust: 60cm / 2'0”

Waist: 59cm / 1'11”

Hip: 103cm / 3'5”

Oral depth: /

Anal depth: 16cm / 6.3”

Vaginal depth: 17cm / 6.7”


Vaginal and Anal sex is available.

Silicone doll with EVO skeleton, and free gel breasts.

Permanent makeup.

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