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6Ye 138cm Love Doll

Blonde Mini Premium Sex Doll

Big breasts and a cute butt, with blonde hair and a perfect face, this is a new sleeping beauty legend in the making. But as always, you can switch heads or add additional heads to make the most of day and night with this wonderful original 6Ye sex doll.

All 6Ye Amor dolls are now made with the new TPE formula, providing a non-oily and non-sticky feel that also requires less maintenance.

Doll measurements:

Height: 138cm (4'6) - head included
Weight: 33kg (72lbs) - head included
Bust: 87cm (34")
Under-bust: 63m (24.8")
Waist: 65cm (25.6")
Hip: 95cm (37.4")
Thigh Circum: 51cm (20")
Calf Circum: 31cm (12.2")
Inner Leg Length: 51cm (20")
Arm Circum: 27cm (10.6
Vagina Depth: 17cm (6.7")
Anal Depth: 15cm (5.9")
Oral Depth: 15cm (5.9")

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