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Best Sex Doll Shopping Experience

Just like in the McDonald’s story, for us it started with a big dream and a bit of luck. We were two regular guys biking across the States when we stumbled upon a feature in a lifestyle magazine talking about this whole love doll business. With our background in customer service and entertainment, we’ve decided to look into it.

This is back in 2017. We then took on a tour visiting every possible doll studio in the USA, Europe and Asia. We’ve gathered information, understanding and knowledge about the product. And we’ve fallen in love with it. Couple years later we were back home and ready to launch our love doll store with a simple goal: TO HELP GUYS AND GALS LIKE OURSELVES BUY BEST LOVE DOLLS!

We put customer first and value the American tradesmanship. We're an American small business.

Serving USA and Canada we are real people helping our customers everyday, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call, text, email. We're here to help.

Love Doll Bros.