Buy now, pay later with Shop Pay

We're excited to let you know that Shop Pay gives you more ways to buy now and pay later. There are no late or hidden fees, and you'll never pay more than you agreed to up front. You can check your balance in the Shop app any time.


Our default payment method is PayPal. We like to think PayPal offers the level of security, privacy and flexibility that works best for our customers. We are a Pro merchant so all payments with PayPal are safe - as a customer you are fully protected. You can pay either with your PayPal balance or using any major credit card. PayPal Credit is also available.

Credit Cards

No PayPal, no problem! We accept all major credit cards.

We currently use our PayPal Pro secure gateway - you DON'T NEED a PayPal account to use however in order to pay directly with a card please contact our sales team - we will send you a secure link.

Bank Transfer / ACH Payments

Bank transfer and ACH payments are also available. In order to use this form of payment please contact our sales team. 

Multiple Currencies

We offer multiple currency payment options. Our default currency is USD but we offer payments also in EUR, CAD, ASD. Please contact our sales team to order in your preferred currency.

Shipping from the USA Options (US orders only)

We understand you may prefer to have your doll shipped locally from the USA. If that is the case ask us about our local stock or Local Delivery Service. We will gladly arrange the shipping for you. Local pick-up options are also available.

Have a question about payment forms and placing your order? Contact us.