WM Dolls November Specials: Free Upgrades and Discounts!

WM Dolls November Specials: Free Upgrades and Discounts!

November is a season of change, and what better way to embrace it than with our irresistible promotions from WM Dolls? This industry leader in lifelike, high-quality sex dolls has announced a slew of free upgrades and unbeatable discounts for this month only. From November 1st to the 30th, seize the opportunity to enhance your WM Doll with amazing features at no extra cost.

The Free Upgrades You've Been Waiting For

Prepare to be thrilled with these complimentary add-ons available throughout October:

  • Free Body Makeup
  • Free Gel Breasts
  • Free Extra Wig (Random)
  • Free Second Head
  • Free Fixed Tongue
  • Free Sway Pivot Adapter
  • Free Standing Feet
  • Free Ball Jointed Hand Skeleton V3.0 (for 140cm+ dolls)

Unmissable Discounts

That's not the end of the good news. WM Doll is going one step further with exclusive discounts on special features:

  • Special Discount on the Breathing Feature: Add another layer of realism to your experience.
  • Sucking Vagina at 20% Off: Elevate your intimate moments with this unparalleled feature.

November is the perfect month to invest in your WM Doll. These promotions provide incredible value, making it easier than ever to customize your doll exactly the way you've always wanted. Mark your calendar and make sure you don't miss out on these sensational offers!

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