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The Advantages of Buying a Sex Doll from a Trusted USA Store

Where Should You Get Your Quality Sex Doll?

When you require proper stimulation without a living partner, sex toys come to mind, but when you want to go for the full package, then a sex doll would seem like the appropriate option. Some dolls have the complete package; hair in whatever shade suits your fantasy, a beautiful face, appendages, and of course, the sexual organ.

Types of Sex Dolls

Just like any other product, the more expensive it is, the better the quality gets. The cheaper sex dolls are made with welded vinyl, inflated with air to bear a minute resemblance to actual humans. These are usually around $75 or less because of the low quality and crudely designed penis or vagina. Typical of any inflatable, they burst or start deflating gradually after a few rounds. That type of sex toy has actually nothing to do with modern high quality sex dolls made of TPE or Silicone material. Zero. Nada.

The next ones are the dolls made with thicker vinyl or latex mixed with silicone and an inner foam lining. You can get these ones, depending on its other features between $300-$1000. Their heads might be plastic-like with soft breasts and buttocks, and fine-featured appendages. However, for people with latex allergies, this is not the best option for them. Again, we don’t recommend this type of product.  

The third and most expensive sex dolls are the realistic full body TPE and silicone dolls that are usually prices around $1500 and $2500 for the TPE models and up to $3000 to $5000 for the high end silicone models. Sometimes the price of a hand made silicone doll with electronic components or custom features can be even $10000 and above. So the average thermoplastic elastomer dolls (TPE) sold by a certified USA vendor will get your a highly satisfying product with full support and discreet delivery for around $1200-$2500. These dolls tend to be more animated with skin-like material, human-like expressions, and real human hair. They are also made with movable joints that allow articulations and ability to withstand different sex positions. This is the way to go especially when you order your first doll.

 Advantages Of Buying From A Reliable USA Store

There are a lot of sketchy online sex doll sites out there, they offer dolls at a much cheaper rate than other legit stores and it feels like one has hit a jackpot. Until they deliver substandard and sometimes hazardous dolls to the buyer. Here are some of the advantages of simply trying a reliable USA store:

  • Good Customer Service Policy: No matter where you are in the US, you can always contact customer service and discuss the product if it is not satisfactory, compared to the hassles of returning it to China or Japan or Thailand.

  • Easy Legal Battle: If it harms you in any way; cuts or toxic poisoning, the store is right within your legal jurisdiction for an appropriate lawsuit

  • Safety: Most of foreign sellers do not care about quality of material for the product they sell, after all, most of their consumers are over here in the US; they can change their name, open a new store etc.

  • Discreet Packaging: Comparing their packaging to that of the US stores shows the considerable difference; the US retailers are more discreet, packaging it in a way that’ll keep the neighbors’ noses out of your business.

So, if you need the right stores in the US and don’t forget to always put your safety in mind before ordering a sex toy, you don’t know what these foreign companies put in their products. Finally, don’t forget to have fun, clean up your toy, and take care of all your sexual fantasies. 

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