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Safe & Secure USA Shipping for Sex Dolls: The Ultimate Guide

On a day like today, between the beach, the Service and a beer, we like to think what could we do to make things better. We can only do so much to make this world a better place. We can only do so much to make it filled with peace and love. Sometimes it's a little thing, sometimes it's big. For example, we're currently researching ways, how sex dolls industry could help fight human trafficking. But today, we thought we should focus on more local, more domestic issues so we thought of our shipping process...

You see, normally the production process takes around 1-2 weeks, depending on custom features and workload. Then comes finishing and quality control. And finally it's the Fedex time. It is true that at this point majority of our dolls ships from China. And we're absolutely confident in quality of our products. But we do understand that sometimes it feels intimidating. The wait time, customs, delivery day... We do have some local USA stock, but with so many models, so many options and features it is hard to follow up with demand. But you can always ask us about the dolls that we currently have in the warehouse and that can be delivered with a week time (continental USA and CA).

American Sex Dolls - how is the sex dolls packaged

In general, you have nothing to worry about. Our packaging is safe, discreet and secure. It's non-branded. In no way does it remind of a sex doll package. It's just a large brown box, that could be anything, a keyboard, set of golf-clubs, office chair, etc...

So just like we said, when you're shopping for a doll with us, we - here at Love Doll Bros - will make sure you receive a very neutral looking parcel, with a high-quality product inside. However, we've decided to offer additional shipping options such as:

  • local FedEx store pick-up

  • domestic shipping from our USA warehouse (additional convenience fee applies)

We believe these two options will allow for more flexibility and even more privacy when shopping for your dream companion doll. 

As Amazon and Alibaba are now flooded with sex dolls listings, you've probably seen similar or even exact same photos of dolls on different websites. You may be wondering why the hell is those prices so different. After all, "it's the same exact doll, right?" 

Well not really. The devil is in the detail, and when it comes to sex dolls it's all about the chemistry, literally. You want your sex doll not only to look good, feel good and smell good. You also want a product that will be safe and tested when it comes to materials it is made of. 

Sex dolls market is saturated and competitive. And there are many new players trying to get their share. Copyright and intellectual property protection it's hard when it comes to sex dolls. Stealing photos and listing them is easy. Copying the product is also easy, once the artwork and the model are finished. What is not easy is quality. TPE is perfectly safe when mixed the right way and when it comes from a verified source. And quality TPE, just like quality Silicone are not cheap. 

But for many 'manufacturers' the temptation is simply too great. Driving the price by substituting quality materials with cheaper ones is easy. Offering fake dolls or even faking the sale is easy too. But claiming your money back, disputing quality, tracking down your vendor in Asia - that's very hard. So stay alert, do the research. Sex doll is just like any other product. Just better :)

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