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Top 10 Petite Lightweight Sex Dolls

Our Best Lightweight Adult Sex Dolls

With so many different categories for sex dolls, one of the most important may just be weight. If you never stopped to think “Will I be able to carry my sex doll?” then you're missing a very important detail.

There is nothing more devastating than anticipating the arrival of your newest sex doll just to find out that you can't move her around how you want.

Lightweight dolls are not only great for first-time buyers but also great for people that need to move their dolls often. It's much easier to store and clean a 20-30kg sex doll than a 50kg one.

You may think that all you need is a small/petite sex doll but that is not always true. A lot of dolls under 160cm can still easily weigh 40kg. So to make it easier for you, we have created a list of the most beautiful under 30kg sex dolls.

Last but not least, these are 100% legal sex doll models with mature, adult-look features.

Katya 157cm - WM Doll

This stunning Russian girl may look young but she has gone through a lot.

A few years ago Katya met an American man online that convinced her to go to the USA to marry him. Young and naive, she left all that she knew behind to go to the man she thought she loved.

She quickly realized that not everything is how it seems, the strong man that she knew ended up being a mama's boy that always put everyone else before Katya, but still, she married him hoping that things would change and that she would become a priority.

It never did, so sick of being with someone that didn't give her what she deserved, Katya left and is now once again free to finally find herself a man that will treat her like the queen she is.

Mira 157cm - WM Doll

Mira is sexy and fit and may just be the push you needed to start spending more time at the gym.

This sexy latina is rocking a beautiful tan body with small perky breasts and a cute firm ass that she is very proud of. Mira is small but her petite body can handle a lot thanks to the long sessions at the gym.

Ariel 151cm - SE Doll

Looking for a sweet innocent girl to warm your days? Ariel is the right girl for you.

With beautiful big brown eyes and a 151cm body, she looks cute and innocent but she can be as naughty as you want her to be. She will do anything that you desire, she can't wait to please you with her sexy little body.

Jane 150cm - Irontech

Meet Jane, a Latina love doll that is the pure definition of sexy.

Jane has the type of body that is impossible to resist, when you look at her you won't be able to stop thinking about how perfect she would look waiting for you in bed, eager to please you.

She will be the perfect companion, always willing to pleasure you and to try all types of kinks. Thanks to her highly realistic and lifelike body, she will feel just like the real thing.

Yara 157cm - WM Doll

This gorgeous Swedish girl is anyone's wet dream.

Her beautiful long blonde hair, stunning smile and a slim body with those perfect perky tits are gonna add a few more fantasies to your naughty list.

Tia 151cm - SE Doll

She may look cute but this sexy samurai is ready for some hard business. She is rocking an amazingly lifelike body with realistic natural full breasts and a perfect spankable ass.

Her stunning looks would make anyone wish they could have her at home just for themselves. So what are you waiting for? Tia is looking forward to pleasing you.

Bia 157cm - WM Doll

Bia has been having some problems with her grades in college, so of course, being the smart girl that she is, she decided to use her best assets to help herself.

A short skirt, some long socks, and some cute nerdy glasses were all she needed to get her favorite teacher to do whatever she wanted. She can't help it if she has a hot body and can pull off the sexiest little look. Have you seen that face, how could anyone resist?

Sylph 151cm - SE Doll

The cutest Elf sex doll, Sylph looks like the perfect Elf princess. Her petite body with the cute elf ears and white hair make her look both sexy and innocent.

Samantha 150cm - SE Doll

Samantha is a special kind of Elf, her horns maker her look incredibly unique and those stunning purple eyes set her apart from all the other elves. She may be petite but there is nothing fragile about her, she possesses the kind of power that makes it impossible to resist her. Who would want to anyway?

Her size makes her a great option for those who want a lightweight doll while still having all the fantasy characteristics.

Lola 157cm- WM Doll

Lola is a cute artist that loves to experiment, nowadays she is into trying nude painting, which makes the very necessary breaks just a little bit more fun.

She likes to show off her talents just as much as she likes to show off her body. With those nice legs and natural perky boobs, you can see why she likes to show it off.

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