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Guide: Sex Doll Maintenance

Operating and maintenance manual

1. Exterior layer is made of high standard elastic property TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) coupling with epoxy resins in firm body support and finely crafted skeleton. All materials are compliant with national health and safety standards which is harmless to humans and are environmentally friendly.

2. The skeleton and the joints allow to pose the model in many positions and styles. With a little imagination, she can be very human. For best results and long life of your doll do not position your doll and leave it at extreme positions over a long period of time.

Although the elasticity of TPE material is marvelous, excessive stretching for long periods of time might result in deformation. Please reposition the model to its original position, with hands rested downward, after use.

3. It is a standard procedure during manufacturing to mount and position its skeleton at precise points. Various supports were attached during the injection process, thus there will be some small fillings to these holes which is not classified as manufacturing defects.

4. Avoid sharp objects or kneading with excessive strength.

5. We strongly advise to test clothing color fading prior to dressing your doll. Should particular garment piece have any signs of staining please do not use it with your doll as it might stain the surface and become difficult to remove. The warranty does not cover mechanical wear and tear not discoloration related to use of garments and chemical substance.

6. Do not leave the doll exposed to direct sunlight for long period of time. This might result in aging of the TPE material and shorten the life-span of your doll.

7. Should creasing or pressure mark occurs, apply warm towel to creased area.

8. Dust and dirt may be cleaned with normal washing detergent, dish washer or foam bath. Clean gently with palm and beware of finger nails and coarse materials which might affect or scratch its surface. When dried, apply with powder provided or corn starch powder. Model will be as good as new again. We strongly recommend periodical maintenance of your model.

9. Should model’s surface experienced scratch, cut or poke, please use supplied TPE glue to seal. Clean defected area with makeup remover before gluing. Make sure defected surface is not in tension when applying TPE glue. Curing time is approximately half an hour.

Should you have any other doubts in technical aspects or maintaining the model, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

Guidelines, Instructions and Maintenance

TPE material is soft and flexible so the product’s shape may change during packing and transportation. In such a case, apply a warm towel or use soft setting on the air dryer while waving the dryer. The shape will recover very shortly. In case of allergies to any rubber products, please wear protection prior to use. It is recommended to use protection such as condom in any case of physical contact with inner parts of the doll to simplify cleaning and make the maintenance easier.

Our dolls are made from TPE outer material and inner metal skeleton. All products have undergone rigorous testing and temperature treatments and are safe for body contact.


  • Inspect and clean the product thoroughly once or twice per month for best maintenance.
  • Use warm or cold water washing. Do not use hot water.
  • Use soap suds or diluted soap water for cleaning. Do not use alcohol, disinfectants or acid based cleaners.
  • If you plan on storing your doll for several or more days, it is recommended to put baby powder on the surface of the doll to protect it from dust and maintain dryness.


In case of cuts or breaks, clean the cut first and dry it. Then apply TPE glue as needed.

General Notes

  • Avoid scratching any part of the product.
  • Product can withstand up to 330lbs or 150kg of weight pressure.
  • Keep your doll in dry, cool environment. Avoid direct sunlight and humidity for extended periods of time.
  • Avoid leaving colored garments on the product for extended periods of time.
  • Product is designed according to human anatomy. Bend, move, and positions gently.
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