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Get a Second Free Head and More Sex Doll Accessories with Starpery's Sale!

Exciting News: Starpery's July Anniversary Promotion!

We are thrilled to celebrate Starpery's fourth anniversary and express our gratitude to all our customers for their incredible support. To commemorate this special milestone, we have launched an exclusive anniversary promotion that's bound to bring you joy!




Here's what you can expect from Starpery's Anniversary promotions:

FREE 2nd Head (limited to the first 100 customers):

As a token of our appreciation, we are offering a complimentary 2nd head with your purchase. Hurry and be one of the lucky 100 customers to enjoy this fantastic bonus! 

The free 2nd head offer is also available for in stock orders, giving you more options to choose from. The sex dolls in stock are available for fast and hassle free delivery within 3-5 business days.

FREE Gel Breast:

Enhance your doll's realism with our complimentary gel breast upgrade. It's a little touch that adds a whole new level of authenticity to your experience.


FREE Movable Eyes with Bloodshot:

    For those seeking realism in every detail, we are offering movable eyes with a bloodshot effect. Let your doll's eyes express emotions and captivate your heart.


    FREE Implanted Synthetic Hair (one head only):

      Transform your doll's appearance with our implanted synthetic hair option. Choose a hairstyle that perfectly complements her unique personality and style.


      FREE Articulated Fingers:

        Experience enhanced flexibility and lifelike movements with our free articulated fingers feature.


        FREE Realistic Body Painting:

        Add a touch of artistry to your doll with our complimentary realistic body painting.


        FREE Standing Feet + Shrugged Shoulder (free hard feet for silicone doll):

        Enjoy the convenience of standing feet and a shrugged shoulder option at no additional cost. It's all about customization and comfort.


        FREE Hook Set:

        We are including a free hook set with your purchase, making it easier to store and handle your doll with care.

        Don't miss out on these Starpery incredible anniversary promotions!

        Explore Starpery's selection of high-quality silicone dolls and take advantage of this limited-time offer.

        Please note that this special Starpery anniversary promotion is valid for the entire month of July.

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