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Do We Need Sex Robots?


Sex robots are slowly marching in. Why do we need a robot doll?

There are currently two types of sex doll robots available in the market. One more advanced option is an AI robot that can play the sounds by an interior speaker. She has the ability to recognize the voice and find the answer from the internet or local memory. She is almost the same as Siri on the iPhone.

Some advanced models also come with mouth and eye movement system. Another sex robot option is a mechanically advanced sex doll.
She can move the head to do perform oral sex aka blowjob and can perform body movements that mimic making sex in real life. These two types of robots have different customers.

The AI robot comforts the lonely people who live alone and want a talk to release the spiritual presence. While some people may still ridicule the concept of a sex robot, it is now only a matter of time and advancement in technology to bring the price down and make sex doll robots more affordable. Millions of people who experience the burden and pressure in their daily life and work, or struggle getting over toxic relationships, might just find the idea of an intelligent sex doll to be the answer.

Whether you just need to talk to someone, or looking to fulfill you sexual needs, you may find the sex doll AI robot a new normal in the fast-changing world. After all Sexual desire is the primal instinct driving humans.

The sex robot doll brings a better feeling of sex with dolls. Having sex with a stationary doll sometimes may feel like fucking dead weight. Because she makes no response following your action, it might get mundane after a while unless you spice it up with another doll and new head.

With sex robot functionality, what you get is the heating and moaning function and most importantly the mechanical body movement response of the body.

To learn more have a look at the video of this SE Doll Sex Robot:

Do you know which robot doll you want now?
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