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Avoid Buying a Low-Quality Sex Doll: Your Guide to Smart Purchasing

Sex dolls, just as any products, come in all shapes and sizes. And price tags.

Here are top five elements that can determine your sex doll quality:

  • Material quality

  • Detailing

  • Sellers profile

  • Shipping options

  • Customer service

Overall quality

While all dolls are made for profit, some dolls are made with just a little more love and attention than others. Some of the best dolls and sex dolls brands have very strong connection to either art world or the FX community. Sculptors, FX effects specialists that have gone rogue, someone might say; but in reality, making beautiful, realistic dolls is an art form, just like other fine arts. The common denominator being the appreciation of human beauty and natural desire to capture the perfection of the fragile physical aspect of being. Plus the ongoing attempt to search for the psyche component in the nature and human creation. Having that said, the modern manufacturing methods and technology made the mass scale production easier and quality factory-made dolls are not much different, than those made in small studios.


This is probably second most significant differentiator that sets the cheap dolls and quality dolls apart. ‘Fakes’ - dolls made by unrecognized and unnamed factories, usually from stolen moulds, may look the same as the originals at first glance, but they will never look the same at a closer look. Nor will they feel the same. The finishing, moulding technique, the material used, the softeners used, finally detailing and makeup - all those make a huge difference. Some doll makers use the ‘copy-of-a ’copy’ method, making their moulds from an actual doll they did not create. That mould will never be as detailed as the original that was made by modelling a real human person or sculpted by an artist.

Also, the detailing skill and talent will be different. You can’t seriously expect a $500 doll to be made in the same process, with the same materials and components and by the same workers as the $5000 doll. Or do you?

The precision and tiny details that make the doll look like a real person, from highlighted coloration of the kneecaps and elbows, eyelashes, nails, hairstyles, finally the makeup… A lot of work goes into making your sex doll look realistic, even or even more so if you prefer the ‘anime’ or ‘fantasy’ style, the amount of work required to make a sex doll perfect is quite significant.

There are number of pointers:

  • Presentation and marketing

  • Attention to detail

  • Sales channels

  • Customer service

  • ‘Back-stage’ photos

  • Photos of actual finished product (not photoshopped, original photos)

Sex doll skeleton (frame)

There are a number of features that make a quality sex doll skeleton or frame:

  • Material

  • Joint system

  • Durability

  • Flexibility

  • Head connector system

  • Weight


Fedex, UPS, direct or self-pickup. Customs or domestic shipping? Carton box or elegant aircase? Shipping from China or from the US? Two-day shipping or made-to-order? How long should it really take? Is 2-4 weeks a decent lead time or is that too long? And when should you start worrying? There are many options, many suppliers and potentially, a lot of room for error. Try to choose safe, discreet and reasonable shipping options. If possible - and we always recommend it - try to call your sex doll vendor and confirm everything with a real person. Or at least make sure you can reach out as needed. Make sure your sex doll company offers transparent information and will be there to assist you if something goes wrong. Not that it would or should, but just as any other purchase - your sex doll has to come a long way before you can finally unwrap it.

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